The violations and crimes by Saudi-led coalition in Yemen 13/5/2015

Saada province:

Saudi Arabia warplanes and its alliance fired a tank shell toward AL-Menzalsah area and fired shots of machine guns on the civilians. In addition, they fired (4) tank shells toward AL-Boq’a border area. In addition, they targeted an area between AL-Yatama and AL-Boq’a areas by one airstrike. They launched one airstrike on Bani Bahr, Sagain district. They launched one mortar on Sheda Junction. They targeted Maran Mountain by (4) airstrikes without causing casualties. They targeted Ghamar district and AL-Hassama area by (4) airstrikes. Apache helicopters, tanks and machine guns fired from the Saudi sites toward the West of AL-Mazreq area. Saudi forces also targeted AL-Ahmar Mountain in the border by machine gun, caliber (14) from the tower of AL-Radeef Saudi Center. Saudi Arabia warplanes and its alliance launched several airstrikes on the Historical and archaeological fortify of AL-Qaflah Castel in Sagain district and destroyed it partially.

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