Yemen: Al Hudaydah Displacement/Response Update 10 – 16 August

Al Hudaydah hub

As heavy fighting continued in Al Hudaydah governorate including heavy shelling from air, sea and land, the humanitarian community has been vocal in calling on all parties to the conflict to respect their obligation under the International Humanitarian Law and ensure the protection of civilians and their access to the assistance they need to survive. RAFD (Rawabi Alnahdah Developmental Foundation) completed needs assessment in Zabid district and found 500 IDP families in need for NFIs and shelter assistance.

UNHCR through JAAHD (Jeel Albena Association for Humanitarian Development) completed the distribution of NFIs (Non-Food Items) to 1,710 families and EESKs (Enhanced Emergency Shelter Kits) for 362 families in Al Garrahi district also IOM distributed NFIs to 652 families and EESKs to 87 families in Bayt Al Faqiah district. These assistance provided the families with the immediate response to reduce the hardship of their displacement situation.

Sana’a hub

SNCC (Sub-National Cluster Coordinator) had several meetings with NAMCHA (National Authority for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Recovery) branch office in Sana’a to discuss the plan for vacation and renovation of schools that are currently hosting IDPs in order to be ready to receive students in the new educational year as the decision to distribute rental subsidy for the sits residents has been considered by the head of NAMCHA.

UNHCR through ADRA completed the distribution of NFIs to 81 families assisted in Amanat Al Asimah and through YRCS (Yemen Red Crescent Society) in Amran governorate to 35 families. UNHCR through ADRA distributed EESKs to three families in Dhamar governorate. The shelter and NFIs assistance provided families who fled the conflict in Al Hudaydah with their basic and critical needs to live with some dignity.

Aden hub

The security situation in Aden governorate has further deteriorated during reporting week, with one explosion targeting the governor of Taizz, in Ena’a city and another in Al Mualla district with random IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). Aden City also experienced security unrest including road blocking due to defusing of an IED in Al Mansura district.

SNC convened two meetings with DRC and NRC who are planning to provide the response in Al Rebat IDP hosting site in Lahj governorate, which accommodates IDPs from Al Hudaydah. DRC coordinated with Lahj authorities for supporting the site management activities and Lahj authorities confirmed that Al Rebat site is established on public owned land. NRC confirmed their willingness to provide Shelter and WASH support in Lahj IDPs hosting sites including Al Rebat and Al Meshqafah. SNC organized its monthly meeting on 12th of August to discuss the overall response to Al Hudaydah displacement and Al Rebat IDP hosting sites. UNHCR through NMO (Nahdah Makers Organization) completed the distribution of NFIs to 417 families in Tuban district, Lahj governorate. UNHCR with support from INTERSOS provided cash for rental subsidies to 146 families in Aden governorate, 147 families in Lahj governorate and 77 families in Taizz governorate. The NFIs and cash grants helped the families to sustain their living for a period of time, provide them with protection from the elements, space to live and store belongings as well as privacy.

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