Griffiths to CNN: “The Hudayda Agreement sends a message of hope to the Yemeni people

The Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Yemen mentioned that he is working on convening a new round of consultations between the two Yemeni parties towards the end of January.

In a TV interview with CNN’s host Christiane Amanpour, Griffiths stressed the importance of the full implementation of the Hudayda Agreement, in order to alleviate the humanitarian suffering in Yemen. He added that Hudayda is also the center of gravity of the ongoing war in Yemen, clarifying that “ a ceasefire in Hudayda is a massive signal to the people of Yemen that something new is possible. If we can make all this happen according to plan, the people of Yemen will notice a new prospect for the future.”

Griffiths mentioned that while the focus of the Sweden Consultations was on the urgency of alleviating the humanitarian suffering in Yemen, he is hoping that the two parties will discuss in the upcoming round of consultations the political issues and the substance of an eventual agreement.

The Special Envoy pointed out that he believes that there is a conviction at the end of the parties that there will be no military solution for this conflict. “I think the parties can see that military solution is not available, political solution has to be the one that is now the priority.”

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