Protection interventions ensure a decent life for displaced women

NFDHR:Adel Othman: – Thursday, 11 July, 2019

The war came to eliminate everything: her home and property. She found herself forced to migrate to Al Baydh city. .

The details of MHA and her four children is a painful story as a result of the war in Zaher district. MHA has known nothing of her husband, as he was forced to flee from the hell of war and has disappeared until now.

Before the war, she lived a simple life with her children. She raised sheep and sold milk to help and cover her family’s needs

As the situation worsened during the years of war, her life changed. She and her children faced daily dangers, which made it difficult for her to provide the daily necessities for her children. She has also suffered from the inability to pay rent and fears she and her children will have no home at any moment.

MHA knows about the community center in Al-Bayda city, run by the National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR), which provides protection services to the displaced and most vulnerable populations with funding from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF). Thanks to this community center, MHA has been able to receive cash assistance, training in sewing, and has been able to buy a sewing machine to work on.

“I learned how to sew and bought a machine. I sew women’s dresses and I have a daily source of income that helps me cover the needs of my children. I am also paying the rent regularly. Moreover, I dream of developing myself and having a sewing factory,” says M.H.A

Currently MHA is working in sewing dresses and gains 5000 RY daily. She also has new customers coming to her each day requesting for newly sewn dresses.

The sewing machine helped MHA overcome the difficult conditions of displacement and war. She now works most of the day sewing while her children play and enjoyed a quiet life. Their lives have improved a lot. She no longer feels the dangers as a displaced woman.

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