Yemen: Monthly Situation Report No. 06 (June 2019)


  • 53,410 Individuals were supported with relief food assistance in Wald Rabe’e, Al Malagim, As Swadyah districts of Al-Bayda Governorate.
  • 19,600 individuals received unconditional vouchers/cash transfer assistance in Ash Shamayatayn district of Taizz Governorate.
  • 700 individuals were provided with cash transfer assistance in Al Qanawis district of Al-Hudaydah Governorate.
  • 135 individuals have had group-based psycho social support sessions in AlAsabeh, Al-Hadharim, and Adeem) of Ash Shamayatayn district.
  • 2,452 children have received TSFP services in (Far Al-Udayn, Hazm Al-Udayn, Mudhiakhera, and Al-Udayn) Districts of IBB Governorate.
  • Supporting 236 FDPs with BSFP Services in (Far Al-Udayn, Hazm Al-Udayn, Mudhiakhera, Al-Udayn, Al-Qafr, As Silw, and Sama) Districts.
  • Establishing two DTCs and four ORCs to safeguard critical cholera cases in Ibb and As Sayyani districts of IBB Governorate.
  • 11,618 individuals were educated on the importance of health and nutrition key messages in Far Al-Udayn, Hazm Al-Udayn, Mudhiakhera, and Al-Udayn.
  • 3-day induction workshop to discuss all activities of the integrated emergency response project in Hajjah Governorate.
  • Conducting feasibility study on water resources in Khayran Al Muharraq district of Hajjah Governorate.

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