WFP Yemen Country Brief, November 2019

In Numbers

  • 12.73 million people assisted in November
  • 124,504 mt of general food assistance dispatched
  • USD 5.3 million cash-based transfers made. USD 19 million value of redeemed food vouchers
  • USD 559 million six months net funding requirements (January 2020 – June 2020)

Operational Updates

  • On 07 November, the Supreme Council for Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation (SCMCHA) was established. The new council replaced both the National Authority for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Recovery (NAMCHA) and the international cooperation sector at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.
  • The Internationally Recognized Government of Yemen (IRG) and the Southern Transitional Council (STC) signed a power-sharing agreement on 05 November to end hostilities in the South.
  • WFP-led UNHAS established a new air route between Aden and Mukalla in November. Flights to Mukalla are scheduled to operate once a week and are based on demand. • Throughout November, the fuel situation in northern Yemen remained unpredictable. A reduced number of commercial fuel vessels continued to enter Hudaydah port. WFP operations were not affected, and WFP chartered vessels operated without issue.
  • As part of the nationwide targeting and biometric registration exercise, On 17 November, the first batch of equipment landed in Sana’a airport and is pending customs clearance. While the exercise is ongoing in the south, WFP will first implement a cash pilot in three districts in Sana’a city targeting some 158,000 people.
  • On 25 November, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reported a new outbreak of dengue fever in Yemen, with over 3,500 cases of dengue reported in Taiz alone. • On 27 November, WFP’s Bilateral Service Provision (BSP) dispatched over 5,000 m3 of medical cargo, the largest dispatch of medical cargo transported in a single day in the operation to date, on behalf of WHO from Salalah and Dubai.

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