The violations in 13 -2 – 2017 that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen

Violation date: Monday, 13/2/2017

– Time: over 24 hours

– Place of Violation: Al-Hodeida, Saada, Sana’a, Taiz, Hajja and Marib.

Violator: Saudi – led Coalition “War on Yemen”

Casualties and damages:

(6 airstrikes)

Killed (2) civilians including a child and injured (4) others from the staff of communications construction management of the Ministry of Communications by (3) airstrikes that targeted administration building and burnt (3) cars and many damages in engineers habitation building, Al-Hali district.
(2) airstrikes targeted the western gate of Al-Hodeida port and destroyed it in Al-Hali district.
One airstrike targeted civilians’ houses in Al-Jarash area, Bajil district.
(2 airstrikes + 45 shells)

Killed (3) civilians, injured (4) others by (1) airstrike that targeted a civilian’s car and burnt it also damaged the public road in Bqim district.
One airstrike targeted Al Qrad area in Baqim district.
Saudi missile bombardment by (45) shells targeted different areas in Razeh district.
(1 airstrike)

Killed the child (Shehab Hussein Al-Maghrabi – 11 years old) during he was with livestock, he killed by exploding the cluster bombs that the warplanes threw it on Al-Khasamah village also killed a livestock in Bani Matar district.
(17 airstrikes)

(2) airstrikes targeted Al-Amri area in Dhubab district.
One airstrike targeted Hanah area in Al-Waz’ea district.
(2) airstrikes targeted Al-Barah area in Magbanah district.
(12) airstrikes from the warplanes and Apache targeted different areas in Al-Makha district.
(8 airstrikes)

(3) airstrikes targeted different areas in Haradh district.
(5) airstrikes targeted different areas in Haradh district.
(2 airstrikes)

(2) airstrikes targeted different areas in Serwah district.
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