Bombing the House of Hussein Yahya Harmas Talan Area – Haidan District – Sa’ada Governorate June 24, 2018

 Incident Details

At 9 am on Sunday, June 24, 2018, a military aircraft of the Saudi coalition launched an air strike targeting the house of Hussein Yahya Harmas, located in Talan area, Haidan district of Saada governorate. The raid completely destroyed the house and assassinated the innocence of the female child Salwa Hussein, 12 years old, her father found her torn and headless body among the ruins of his targeted home.

The rest of Hussein Yahya Harmas’ family members, including his wife and three children, suffered psychological and nervous problems due to the raid. They were near their house and some of them were inside the house and miraculously survived. His family survived but they found no shelter or house to live in. The raid caused serious damage to their coffee farm.


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