Condemnation Statement The Saudi coalition’s crime against civilians and their homes in Tallan area- Kushar district of Hajja governorate March 10 ,2019

Condemnation Statement

The Saudi coalition’s crime against civilians and their homes in Tallan area- Kushar district of Hajja governorate

March 10 ,2019

In its series of crimes against Yemenis since the beginning war on Yemen, the Saudi Coalition’s warplanes launched in March 10 ,2019 several airstrikes targeted the civilians and their houses in Tallan area, Kushar district of Hajja governorate. The hysterical airstrikes have continued from the early morning until noon. Tens of airstrikes targeted the area and five of these brutal raids targeted the houses of Mohammed Ali Al-Hadi, Mohammed Ibrahim Zaleel, and Sabtan Ali Al-Ahdab killing and injuring about 40 civilians all of whom are children and women as a primary statistic of this crime. Legal Center for Rights and Development has documented the names of 12 killed victims including 6 children and 6 women and the injuring of 13 other civilians all of them are women and children from the family of Mohammed Ali Al-Hadi. It should be noted here that the rest of the family’s members are still trapped between the rubble of their targeted homes.

 According to eyewitnesses, the Saudi coalition’s warplanes are still flying over the targeted area after committing this crime and anyone tries reaching to the targeted homes, in order to save the victims, is subjected to be attacked. According to the statement of the Ministry of Health, the Saudi warplanes launched an air strike targeted an ambulance in Sodain area while it was in its way to save the victims in Kushar district.

It is important mentioning here that the Saudi warplanes committed this deliberate massacre without taking into account the fundamental humanitarian principles of international humanitarian law, such as the principles of discrimination, proportionality, prevention and protection of civilians, and the purely civil nature of targeted homes.

This crime is considered a clear, grave, violation of international humanitarian law, which criminalizes the targeting of civilians, markets, shops and civilian facilities. This crime is an extension of series of war crimes and genocides committed by Saudi coalition forces against Yemeni people during four years of its aggression on Yemen.

Legal Center for Rights and Development Condemns, denounces this heinous crime against humanity, holds Saudi Arabia and its alliance the responsibility of this crime and the previous ones, and demands for criminal investigation and accountability of the coalition leaders and all those whose involvement be proved in these crimes. UN and Security Council also bear the responsibility for its shameful silence which encourages Saudi-led coalition to continue committing more war crimes against civilians and civilian installations.

Legal Center renews its appeal to the international community, human rights organizations and all honorable and free people of the world to shoulder their moral and human responsibility in supporting the oppressed Yemeni people, condemning the horrific crimes committed by the Saudi Coalition and pressuring on United Nations and specifically the Security Council to carry out their legal and moral duty to protect civilians and civilian installations and to end the war and all forms of aggression on Yemen . We also renew our call for establishing an impartial international commission of inquiry to investigate all crimes committed by the Saudi Coalition Forces against civilians and civilian installations in Yemen.

Issued by Legal Center for Rights and Development

10 -3- 2019

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