Yemen: Emergency Tracking Tool Report #12 – Displacement from Al Hudaydah (1 June – 7 August 2018)

Latest Update

From 29 July to 07 August, IOM identified an increase of 1,393 displaced households.

The largest increases being within Amanat Al Asimah, Taizz and Ibb Governorate, with:

  • 763 HH (estimated 4,578 individuals) in Amanat Al Asimah, displaced to Ma’ain, Old City, Shu’aub, Bani Al Harith, Az’zal, Ath’thaorah, At Tahrir and Assafiyah districts.
    Households reached Amant Al Asimah by bus using Manakhah road access.
  • 232 HH (estimated 1,392 individuals) in Taizz, displaced to Al Mudhaffar, Dimnat Khadir, Al Qahirah, Salh and Hayfan district.
  • 111 HH (estimated 666 individuals) in Ibb , displaced to Far Al Udayn, As Sabrah, Al Dhihar, Al Mashannah, Jiblah, Hazm Al Udayn and As Sayyani district.

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