Human Rights Report Documents : Bombing Yahya Yahya Muqate’s house Al-Mahjar area – Baqim district – Sa’ada Governorate -10 January 2018

Incident  Details

In its series of crimes and genocides that Saudi Arabia and its allies have committed against Yemeni civilians, mostly children, women and elderly citizens, the Saudi warplanes at 8:30 am on Wednesday, 10 January 2018, launched an airstrike on  a civilian house of Yahya Yahya Muqate in Al- Mahjar area of Baqim district, Sa’ada Governorate.

The attack resulted in the killing of two children/ Musfer Yahya Yahya Muqate 17 years old and his sister Abrar Yahya Yahya Muqeet  and the wounding of the rest members of the family (5) and other two civilians from their relatives. One hour after the bombing, we hardly reached to the victims in order to aid them. The raid destroyed house completely and damaged pomegranate farm and killed a herd of cattle.

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