The violations and crimes by Saudi-led coalition in Yemen 31/5/2015

Saada Province: –

  • Several airstrikes targeted AL-Khafji Public Market and targeted three houses of AL-Sheikh/ Abed Abu Khuthara, the civilians / Habl Nasser Mastour and Hussein Ghazi Hadi and killed 5 civilians, including two women, one pregnant and elderly man his age is over 80 years old and wounded more than (10) others, including a child
  • Several airstrikes targeted the police station in Saada City and Muthab area, AL-Safra’ district.
  • Four airstrikes targeted the governmental compound in Saada City and destroyed it.
  • Two airstrikes targeted Haydan district.
  • They targeted Yemeni Bank for Reconstruction and Development and destroyed it.
  • They targeted Saada and Sehar court and destroyed it.
  • More than 30 missiles targeted AL-Hassama and Bani Sayah
  • One airstrike targeted AL-Hassama area.
  • They targeted the Literacy Center in the city.
  • Several airstrikes targeted Al AL-Saifi area.
  • Several airstrikes targeted AL-Dhaher district.
  • They targeted AL-Me’ssar breaker in AL-Malaheedh area, AL-Dhaher border
  • Two airstrikes targeted Bani Sayah area.
  • They targeted a plant for breakup rocks in AL-Malaheedh area.
  • Several airstrikes targeted Jayash Public Market.
  • They targeted AL-Sa’eed Educational Compound and AL-Qurashi Station.
  • They targeted Sagain Court.
  • They targeted radio Saada for the first time.
  • They bombed the building of the Executive Council for the displaced people affairs.
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