Yemen: Health Cluster Bulletin, March 2020


  • A total of 2,512 Health Facilities (16 Governorate Hospitals, 119 District Hospitals, 51 General Hospitals, 18 Specialized Hospitals, 690 Health Centers and 1,618 Health Units) are being supported by Health Cluster Partners.
  • The cumulative total number of suspected Cholera cases from the 1st of January to the 31st of Mar, 2020 is 100484 with 26 associated deaths (CFR 0.03%). Children under five represent 23% whilst the elderly above 60 years of age accounted for 6.0% of total suspected cases. The outbreak has so far affected in 2020 : 22 of 23 governorates and 290 of 333 districts in Yemen.
  • As of 31st of March 2020, Health Cluster Partners supported a total number of 250 DTCs and 1007 ORCs in the 147 Priority districts.

Situation update

Yemen is in the midst of the worst manmade humanitarian crisis in the world. The people in need has increased reaching a whopping 24.1 million people out of 29 million people. Out of the 24.1 million people in need, 19.7 million person require some sort of health assistance and 14 million out of that are in dire need of health assistance. 45 Health cluster partners with ongoing active projects are currently supporting and responding to the health needs of the Yemeni people working in 2041 health facilities all over Yemen. Providing continuous support and health services requires the sustainability of funding for the health operations in Yemen, which supports the most vulnerable groups in the country.

The Intensified fighting in Nihm, Al-Jawf and Marib boarders has led to the displacement of more than 35 thousand individuals towards the southern parts of Marib and surrounding areas and are living in crowded public buildings, tents and with host communities. Health Cluster Partners are responding to their health needs through mobile clinics and teams in these IDPs locations.

COVID-19 is continuing to spread at an alarming rate in neighboring countries with cases skyrocketing in the EMRO region. WHO and MoPHP are currently working on the preparedness and response to COVID-19. No cases of COVID-19 have been registered in Yemen till this date. However, the risk is very high that the virus will be transmitted into the country in the near future.

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