Yemen Fact Sheet – Site Management for IDPs in Yemen, May 2020 [EN/AR]

What is site management?

Out of more than four million Yemenis who fled and lost their homes due to conflict, an estimated one million live in makeshift camps. These range from a few families living together on a site with no access to basic services to hundreds of them living in more organised but still spontaneous settlements.

Displaced families living in these sites are under constant threats of being evicted and harassed and have difficulties accessing clean water, essential medical care and education.

Recent mappings show that close to one million displaced and vulnerable population live in some 1,700 IDP sites across Yemen. However, it is highly likely that many more exist which have not yet been identified by humanitarian partners. UNHCR as the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster lead, mobilised partners to conduct a series of surveys on sites to consult residents about their needs and ways they would like to see them addressed. CCCM activities support all humanitarian partners as they help identifying gaps in the delivery of key services such as shelter, WASH, protection, and solutions.

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