IOM Yemen – Marib Response (03 June 2020)


IOM has been operating in Marib and providing multi-sectoral assistance to meet the needs of the over 26,000 households displaced by the conflict since March 2019. While new displacements into Marib have slowed in recent weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak is projected to place additional pressure on public systems and exacerbate existing vulnerabilities.

In addition to providing safe shelters, essential aid items, emergency health care, clean water, safe sanitation and emergency food rations to over 8,818 newly displaced HHs, IOM has supported 3,679 HHs with cash for shelter and has rapidly scaled up COVID-19 prevention and preparedness efforts. As lead of the sub-national health cluster, IOM is committed to scaling up health response activities during this critical period, working with partners to operate a COVID-19 treatment facility and to establish new ones where needed. IOM’s recently established COVID-19 facility has supported 22 admissions, with 5 lab confirmed COVID-19 cases.


IOM has a team of 14 international and 65 national support and programme staff in Marib, together with 60 community mobilizers and enumerators. Due to COVID-19 mobility restrictions, nine international staff are currently in Marib and leading response activities. IOM is providing assistance in Marib and coordinating response efforts through its leadership of the CCCM and Health sub-national clusters, coleadership of the WASH sub-national cluster and as the primary focal point for S-NFI response activities.

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