Yemen COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Snapshot – As of 6 June 2020 [EN/AR]

Between 10 April, when the first case was confirmed, and 6 June, the authorities in Yemen announced 486 COVID-19 cases, including 112 deaths. The case fatality rate (CFR) is alarmingly high at 24.77 per cent. More than 75 per cent of confirmed cases are men and people in the 45 – 59 age range who have the highest case fatality rate. The highest number of confirmed cases are in Aden, where 130 cases have been reported including 5 deaths, followed by Hadramaut, where 126 cases, including 48 deaths and 11 recoveries were reported. Reports continue to indicate that hundreds more people are symptomatic and are dying with COVID-like symptoms. Individuals with mild and moderate symptoms are often not seeking health care and only seek treatment when they are critically ill. Fear of stigma, concerns about safety, inability to access testing, and the perceived risks of seeking care may explain why people are not seeking treatment earlier. Aid agencies in Yemen continue to do all they can to scale up the response. They are prioritizing suppression of virus transmission through community engagement and public information campaigns; procuring and distributing medical supplies and equipment; saving lives by supporting COVID-19 clinical readiness and response capacities; and safeguarding the public health care system.

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