UNICEF Yemen Country Office Humanitarian Situation Report (Reporting Period: 1 – 31 May 2020) [EN/AR]


• As of 31 May, there are 314 COVID-19 officially confirmed cases and 78 associated deaths. The number of cases remain low but this may be the result of the lack of access to testing and reporting. UNICEF continues to implement preventive response activities alongside its regular programmes. COVID-19 continues to challenge the implementation of some UNICEF programmes due to restrictive measures imposed by local authorities, such as closure of schools and child-friendly spaces.

• The supply movement in country remains challenging due to long pre-approval processes and delays in receiving required clearances and permissions. Nevertheless, in May supplies worth $2.3 million arrived in Yemen from Djibouti and Oman. Those supplies include PPE, AWD kits, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, hospital equipment, education materials, and ready-to-use therapeutic food. The delivery was completed with a flight, a vessel, and nine trucks to Sana’a and Al Hudaydah.

• The United Nations Country Task Force on Monitoring and Reporting verified 20 incidents of grave violations against children. Two children were killed and 27 children were maimed by various parties to the conflict.

• 10,086 cases of Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD)/suspected cholera and six associated deaths were reported in May, with a 0.06 % of the case fatality rate. UNICEF treated 3,774 AWD/suspected cholera cases (37 per cent of the caseload) through supporting 75 Oral Rehydration Centres and 55 Diarrhoea Treatment Centres in 17 governorates.


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