WFP Yemen Country Brief, July 2020

In Numbers

5.9 million people targeted in July 2020

46,068 mt of general food assistance dispatched

USD 5.9 million cash-based transfers to be made

USD 11.3 million value of redeemed commodities through food vouchers

USD 703 million six-month net funding requirements (September 2020 – February 2021)

Operational Updates

• While distributions under the July cycle are ongoing, the June distribution cycle was concluded on 30 July. WFP reached 8.7 million people with general food assistance, of which 6.5 million people were assisted with in-kind food rations, 1.6 million people with food vouchers, and some 580,000 people with cash assistance.

• During July, fuel shortages continued to be experienced in areas under the Sana’a-based authorities as several fuel vessels remained in the Saudi-led Coalition (SLC) holding area. Delays were experienced at the district level where smaller trucks are used to deliver food to distribution sites and fuel was not always available. As of the end of July, 17 fuel vessels awaited clearance to berth in Al Hodeidah port.

• As of 31 July, WHO reported 1,732 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yemen, resulting in 494 deaths. Reported cases are likely to be undercounted, considering the low testing rates. On 13 July, the Sana’a-based authorities approved easing COVID-19 precautionary measures for some public and private institutions, while maintaining to recommended social distancing and sanitation.

• On 22 July, the milling of the remaining WFP wheat at the Red Sea Mills in Al Hodeidah governorate was completed. A total of 37,019 mt of produced wheat flour was dispatched to Sana’a, Ibb and Aden governorates to be used for in-kind food assistance. The mills first became inaccessible in September 2018 following intensified conflict and despite continued clashes, operations resumed with a trial in October 2019 and with the larger operation commencing in December 2019.

• The European Commission has announced Humanitarian Air Bridge flights for Yemen to deliver urgent cargo for the COVID-19 response and other lifesaving humanitarian programmes to Aden and Sana’a. Overall, nine flights were completed in July, with additional two in August, for a total of around 200 mt of critical items including medical supplies, field hospital equipment, oxygen concentrators and personal protective equipment (PPE). WFP Service Provision is assisting the initiative by supporting with deconfliction and landing permits.

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