Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, 8 April 2021


20.7 million people in need

Over 4 million internally displaced

Over 80 per cent have been displaced for more than a year

22,842 individuals (3,807 families) newly displaced in 2021

Children and women represent up to 79 per cent of the total IDP population

126,884 refugees

11,290 asylum-seekers

IDP Response

Between 20 February – 30 March 2021, UNHCR and partners conducted protection monitoring exercises to assess the needs of some 16,300 displaced Yemenis in Marib governorate, including those displaced by the recent escalation of hostilities. To date, UNHCR has distributed cash assistance to 2,000 IDP families and emergency shelter kits to 1,900 families, reaching a total of some 24,000 individuals. According to IOM, over 2,600 families have fled hostilities in Marib since the beginning of the year. The governorate also hosts some one million displaced Yemenis. The majority of those newly displaced have sought refuge in overcrowded and underserved hosting sites. Lack of resources, access constraints and insecurity are increasingly hindering the delivery of aid to civilians in Marib, with severe consequences for the most vulnerable.

A new wave of COVID-19 is being observed in parts of Yemen. Some 4,800 cases have been reported in the south since March 2020, half of which were registered during the last month. The death rate remains high, with close to 1,000 deaths reported – around 20% of total cases. Humanitarian groups have called for urgent and strict curfew and preventive measures. The first batch of COVID-19 vaccines comprising 360,000 doses arrived in Aden on 31 March to be administered to priority groups including health workers. As part of its COVID-19 emergency response, UNHCR provided equipment to complete three isolation centres for patients and accommodations for medical staff in Aden and Lahj hospitals. UNHCR continues to support displaced Yemeni and refugee families with multi-purpose cash assistance, disbursing USD 10 million to vulnerable families since the start of 2021. UNHCR has distributed cash assistance to close to 57,000 vulnerable families (some 300,000 individuals), including over 41,000 vulnerable displaced Yemeni families and more than 16,000 refugee families throughout the country so far this year.

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