Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, 9 July 2021

IDP Response

During the reporting period, UNHCR assisted over 130 newly displaced families (some 780 individuals) in Marib, Al Hudaydah, Taizz and Al Dhale’e governorates with basic shelter and non-food items. Families received mattresses, blankets, jerricans to help them cook, sleep, wash and clean. An additional 40 newly displaced families received emergency food assistance as well as hygiene and dignity kits in Abyan, Al Dhale’e, Taizz and Marib. Moreover,
UNCHR distributed 674 Tehama Emergency Shelter Kits in Al Garrahi and 21 in Al Mansouri districts in Al Hudaydah.

UNHCR-supported Community Centres across Yemen continue to provide recreational activities for children affected by ongoing hostilities. In Sa’adah, the centres managed by partner Yemen Development Fund engaged in activities benefitting some 29 children, where toys, games and activities were provided to foster a stable learning environment. Psychosocial support and awareness-raising sessions were also provided. In Al-Jawf, children’s recreational activities were provided to mitigate the psychological impact of the conflict. Some 40 children attended recreational activities in Al Ghayl, Al Hazm and Al Humaidat districts.

UNHCR continued its fourth distribution of cash assistance for IDPs in 2021. More than 15,000 families (90,000 individuals) have collected their assistance so far, including 9,858 families in Sana’a, 4,450 families in Al Jawf and 1,057 families in Sa’adah.

UNHCR led a two-day workshop with authorities in northern and southern Yemen to update them on its cash-based intervention strategy and operating procedures. The participants also discussed the challenges faced on the ground and explored ways for improving the quality and efficiency of interventions.

Refugee Response

UNHCR continues to support and facilitate the resettlement of refugees.
Screening and verification of identified individuals continues on an ongoing basis for refugees and asylum-seekers for future resettlement, particularly to European countries and the US.

Despite Assisted Spontaneous Returns (ASR) being suspended since March 2020 due to the pandemic, UNHCR’s partners continue to provide information and support to Somali refugees at the dedicated Return Help Desks in Basateen (Aden), Kharaz refugee camp (Lahj), and Mukalla (Hadramaut). UNHCR continues to work with partners in Yemen and Somalia to resume boat journeys and provide refugees with the option for safe and dignified returns. So far, close to 1,680 Somali refugees have registered for future return journeys.

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