Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, covering the period 3 August – 12 August 2021

Key Figures:

20.7 million people in need

Over 4 million internally displaced

Over 80 per cent have been displaced for more than a year

46,086 individuals (7,681 families) newly displaced in 2021

Children and women represent up to 79 per cent of the total IDP population

129,174 refugees

11,800 asylum-seekers


USD 271 M required for 2021 operations

IDP Response

UNHCR partner Jeel Al Bina continues to conduct rapid needs assessments for flood-affected families living in IDP hosting sites in Hudaydah governorate. Findings indicated the number of affected families increased from 136 households to 293 households in several districts. The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (SCMCHA)—the De Facto Authority’s agency in charge of IDP response in the north—said recent floods also impacted Jawf, Mahwit, and Hajjah governorates, with the number of people affected increasing daily.

Flooding caused significant damage to roads and other infrastructure, with many families losing their shelter and belongings. Floodwaters also washed away much of the soil in certain areas, diminishing the prospect of agricultural use in the future. UNHCR is coordinating with local authorities and cluster partners, including OCHA,
Danish Refugee Council, Norwegian Refugee Council, and local Red Cross / Red Crescent societies to ensure adequate response to the needs of flood-affected populations, including non-food items, shelter and emergency cash assistance.

In early August, as Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster lead, UNHCR oversaw the safe relocation of 17 IDP families from a school in Sahar district, Sa’adah governorate, to another settlement in the same area. The families had recently fled the neighbouring Razih district following an outbreak of hostilities. UNHCR provided all families with NFIs, while the Shelter Cluster covered their shelter needs by distributing Emergency Shelter Kits (ESKs).

As part of its planned response, UNHCR constructed Tehama Emergency Shelter Kits (TESKs) for 1,172 households in need of shelter support in the Hudaydah governorate. UNHCR also distributed 1,630 NFIs in Hajjah to IDP families and extremely vulnerable families from the host community.

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