The violations in 16-2-2017 that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen

Violation date: Thursday, 16/2/2017

– Time: over 24 hours

– Place of Violation: Saada, Taiz, Hajja, Al-Hodeida, Dhamar, Marib

Violator: Saudi – led Coalition “War on Yemen”

Casualties and damages:

( 6 airstrikes + 15 Shells)

(3) airstrikes with cluster bombs targeted different areas in Rahban city in Sahar district.
(2) airstrikes targeted Al-Souh area in Ketaf district.
(1) airstrike targeted Al-Dhaher district.
Saudi missile bombardment by (15) shells targeted different areas in Manbah district.
(9 airstrikes)

One airstrike targeted Al-Amri Schools in Dhubab district.
(8) airstrikes targeted different areas in Al-Amri area in Dhubab district.
(2 airstrikes)

One airstrike targeted Haradh district.
One airstrike targeted Meedi district.
(2 airstrikes)

(2) airstrikes targeted Al-Douraihmi district.
(1 airstrike)

Killed (3) by (1) airstrike that targeted Halfan area in Otma district.
(3 airstrikes)

One airstrike targeted Serwah market and damaged (6) shops in Serwah district.
(2) airstrikes targeted different areas in Serwah district.
To Read the Report:
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