The violations in 14 -2 – 2017 that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen

Violation date: Tuesday, 14/2/2017

– Time: over 24 hours

– Place of Violation: Saada, Hajja, Taiz, Al-Jawf, Dhamar and Sana’a

Violator: Saudi – led Coalition “war on Yemen”

Casualties and damages:

(6 airstrikes + 15 shells)

(3) airstrikes targeted Al-Otayf, Al-Olaib and Al-Emarah areas in Ketaf district.
One airstrike targeted a house of ( Ali Nasser Al-Be’ran) and destroyed it and damaged (5) others in Bani Ma’th area in Sahar district.
(2) airstrikes targeted Al-Khafji area in Sahar district.
Saudi missile bombardment by (15) shells targeted Al Al-Sheikh area in Manbah district.
(5 airstrikes)

(2) airstrikes targeted the east of Meedi district.
One airstrike targeted Al-Jar farm in Abs district.
(2) airstrikes targeted different areas in Meedi district.
(16 airstrikes)

(15) airstrikes targeted different areas in Yakhtel area, Al-Makha district.
One airstrike targeted Al-Amri area in Dhubab district.
(2 airstrikes)

One airstrike targeted AL-Yatamah district.
One airstrike targeted Malaha village in Al-Masloub district.
(1 airstrike)

One airstrike targeted Khalfan Mountain in Otmah district.
(1 airstrike)

One airstrike targeted Al-Houl Mountain in Nehm district.
To Read the Report:
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