Bombing Civilian Vehicles And Their Shops on The Main Road Zabeed City – Hodeydah 3 January 2018


          At 8:00 pm on Wednesday, 3/1/2018, the  Saudi warplanes launched an air strike targeting the civil  cars and commercial shops on the main road in the entrance to Zabeed city in Hodeydah province. The barbaric raid occurred on the main road as passenger cars passing and the shops are crowded with shoppers.

 About 8 civilians were killed, including a child, and injured 8 others including a child too, most of them were seriously injured and they are now in the intensive care unit  in the hospitals of Hodeydah.

 The witnesses confirmed to us that all the killed and wounded victims are innocent civilians. Travelers, workers and shop owners were targeted while searching for a source of income and livelihood to support their families with. The raid destroyed the main road, a shop and severely damaged a civil bus, many Shops and a popular restaurant.


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