YEMEN Market Watch Report

The scarcity of food and fuel
commodities further worsened in
December 2017 mainly due to the
blockade and escalated conflicts
and airstrikes. Governorates such
as Taiz, Sa’ada, Sana’a, Al Hodieda,
Sana’a City, Hajja, Al Baidha, and
Shabwa suffered the most from
scarcity of essential commodities.
 Retail prices of basic food items and
fuel significantly further increased
in December 2017 as a result of the
scarcity of commodities in local
markets caused by the continued
blockade and intensification of
conflicts and airstrikes. Fuel prices
in December 2017 were more than
compared to the pre-crisis period,
while food prices increased
between 26% and 85%.
Governorates currently under
active conflicts and escalated
airstrikes such as Sa’ada, Taiz,
Sana’a City, Hajja, Al Baidha and
Shabwa experienced highest
prices of basic commodities.
 The average cost of the monthly
minimum food basket in December
increased by 4% and 12% from
November and October,
respectively, and 47% higher than
in pre-crisis period.
 The Alert for Price Spikes (ALPS)
indicators in December 2017
persisted to be at stress/crisis
situation reflecting the impact of
the continued blockade and the
escalation of conflicts.

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