Bombing tents of civilians nomads Ashar Al – Rouna Area – Bart Al – Marashi District – Al – Jawf Governorate February 1 , 2018


The Saudi coalition continues committing its brutal crimes, using the air attacks of its warplanes against the civilian population in Yemen causing the  destruction to properties and infrastructures of the Yemeni people without shame or respect to the rules of international humanitarian law. At 8:00 pm on Thursday February 1 , 2018, the Saudi-led warplanes launched two attacks  on the tents of the Bedouin civilians “shepherds” in the area of ​​ Ashar Al – Rouna Area – Bart  Al – Marashi District – Al – Jawf Governorate, killing two civilians, and a third civilian seriously injured in the head and He was taken to hospital. The raids also burned a number of tents and destroyed them completely in addition to the killing completely  a herd of sheep.


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