Bombing Mohammed Abdullah Duwail’s Home by Cluster bomb Al-Snah Area-Al-Tuhayta Destrict –Al-Hudaydah Governorate February 9, 2018

Abstract :

Over 1060 days of its aggression and the siege on Yemen, Saudi Arabia and its coalition continue assassinating and killing the lives of thousands of civilians in Yemen. These series of miscarries are committed in front of the world eyes and the international bodies. Saudi-led coalition has been destroying all kinds of life even the historical place and human culture have been targets for the Saudi warplanes. Childhood, womanhood, and humanity in Yemen have no rights, the warplanes target them daily throughout Yemen. One of these crimes is what happened on Friday morning, February 9,2018 when the warplanes of Saudi warplanes targeted a group of children by a cluster bombing as the witnesses think. The attack resulted in the injury of three persons of Mohammed Duwail’s family.

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