Yemen Shipping and Fuel Update (commercial and humanitarian), 8 April 2018

Vessels Discharged at Hodeidah/ Saleef ports Since the end of the temporary blockade on 22 November, a total of 83 commercial vessels, 6 WFP chartered vessels, 10 Dhows and 2 empty container ships have called on Hodeidah and Saleef ports to discharge cargo on board, including:  5 WFP chartered vessels carrying 99,360 MT of food items, 1 carrying 4 mobile cranes and 1 carrying cluster cargo for INGOs  40 commercial vessel carrying 994,958 MT of commercial food items  43 commercial vessel carrying 482,430 MT of commercial fuel and coal  10 dhows carrying 1,519 MT of medical items  2 empty feeders to load empty containers

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