WHO scales up support to mitigate child malnutrition in Yemen

18 April 2018 – Wanisa is sitting beside her 7-month-old child, Soraya, anxious that she will meet the same fate as her older sister who died of severe malnutrition just a few days ago.
Wanisa brought her weak child to the WHO-supported stabilization centre in Kamaran Hospital in AlMarawia district, Al-Hudaydah governorate, seeking proper treatment. The newly established centre provides treatment to children in need, as many families used to travel a great distance to Hudaydah City to have their children treated.
“I cannot endure losing my other child. I’m doing everything I can to save her life,” she said. Like Wanisa, there are many families determined to get their malnourished children treated despite difficulties in accessing treatment and financial hardship. WHO is supporting the cost of caregivers’ meals during the time they have to stay with their children in the stabilization centres.

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