Yemen: Situation Update, March 2019

1. Air Transport

• In March, the Logistics Cluster facilitated the transport of 59 mt / 305 m3 on behalf of MSF, PU-AMI, PFSCM, UNICEF, UNFPA and WFP.

• Thanks to the CERF contribution received at the end of January, the Logistics Cluster is now able to offer cargo airlifts from Djibouti to Aden until end of July 2019. Airlifts are tentatively scheduled once a month and will be free of charge to the user. Airlifts will only be carried out if the minimum payload is 20 mt; however, if the requests exceed 20 mt, even more than one airlift per month can be carried out.

• The tentative airlift schedule for 2019 to Aden and Sana’a is available at

2. Sea Transport

• VOS Apollo travelled to Hodeidah to swap with VOS Theia to provide accommodation and emergency passenger transport if needed. Voyages on the Djibouti – Aden resumed with voyage 142, and have been performed by VOS Theia since then.

• Overall, 48 mt / 176 m3 were transported in March from Djibouti to Aden, on behalf of UNICEF.

• For any urgent sea cargo transportation needs to Hodeidah, the Logistics Cluster can arrange dhows from Djibouti on behalf of requesting organisations upon receipt of duly completed Service Request Forms.

3. Overland Transport

• In March, the Logistics Cluster facilitated the overland transport of 396 mt/ 4,593 m3 of relief items on behalf of FAO, UNDSS, UNHCR, Relief International and WFP.

• Due to administrative and bureaucratic difficulties, some trucks carrying humanitarian cargo have encountered obstacles in Ibb while moving from south to north. As some of these trucks are currently still blocked, the Logistics Cluster is liaising with the relevant authorities to ensure the release of the trucks.

• The Logistics Cluster can obtain security clearances on behalf of humanitarian organisations using the overland transport service facilitated by the cluster however, organisations not using cluster-facilitated transport services need to request clearances directly from the Ministry of Interior.

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