The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 29 – 4 – 2015

((Killed 2 and injured 7 civilians and destroyed civilian and service facilities))

Violation date: 29/4/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Violation place: Aden, Lahjj, Hajja, Saada, Ibb, and AL-Baita’a

Violator: Saudi-led coalition (war on Yemen)

Type of Violation: The bombing of Saudi Arabia warplanes on civilians’ houses, shops, governmental and service compound ,gas station, bridges, and roads.

Casualties and damages

  1. One civilian was Killed in Ibb Province.
  2. One civilian was Killed and 7 others were injured in AL-Baitha Province.
  3. Bombed The Governmental Compound and Works Building and destroyed the roads in Haradh and other districts-Hajja province .
  4. Destruction of AL-Arab Commercial Compound in Khur Maksar – Aden and destroyed Ajman Commercial Compound in Dar Saad – Aden.
  5. Destroyed AL-Yarmouuk Fuel Station in AL-Huda- Lahjj.
  6. Destroyed AL-Zaher Security Police Station in AL-Baitha province.
  7. Bombed the civilians at the public road in Saada.
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