The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 18- 4 – 2015

Killed 15 civilians including a child and injured 43 others

Violation date: 18/4/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Violation place: Saada and Sana’a

Violator: Saudi-led coalition (war on Yemen)

Type of Violation: The bombing of Saudi warplanes on civilians’ houses and destroyed shops.

Casualties and damages:

  • Saada:
  1. Destruction of civilian’s house in Razah district.
  2. (4) civilians were injured during the bombing of Saudi Arabia warplanes and its alliance on AL-Khair market for agriculture products in AL-Haidan-Saada.
  3. (15) civilians were Killed, and (31) others were injured in Saada.
  4. Destruction of stores and shops for food, which belong to the civilian/ Ali Jaber and killed one of the workers in Saada city.
  5. Bombing the public market of food and vegetable in Rahban area.
  6. Destruction of AL-Sheikh/Fares Mohammed Mana’a in AL-Talah Public Market.
  7. Destruction of AL-Sanbula Association in AL-Talh area and the stores that belong to.
  8. Bombing and destruction of AL-Khair Public Market for Agricultural Products in AL-Humidan area that led to injure 4 civilians.
  9. Destruction of water factory in Saada and bombing AL-Dabish factory for stones in AL-Sahar district.
  10. Complete destruction of Jayash Public Market for Agricultural Products in Sehar district.
  11. Destruction of Dhahyan Public Market that led to injure many civilians in Al-Majz district.
  12. Destruction of AL-Mesar contraction company equipment in Haidan district.
  13. Destruction of the bridge in AL-Safa and AL-Ishash in Ketaf district.
  • The Capital of Sana’a:
  1. (18) civilains were injured in residential areas.
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