The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 16 – 4 – 2015

(( Killed 8 civilians including children and women also injured 44 others))

Violation date:16/4/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Violation place: Sana’a and Saada

Violator: Saudi –led coalition (war on Yemen)

Type of Violation: Saudi Arabia warplanes bombed civilians’ houses, targeted and destroyed fuel stations, shops, and hospitals. They also targeted the civilians in the public road.

Casualties and damages:

-In Saada Province:

  1. (6) civilians including 2 children were killed and 28 others including 2 of Somali nationality were injured.
  2. The warplanes targeted AL-Rahma Hospital that led to destroy it with the residential building of doctors and 15 others were injured.
  3. Destroyed shops and transportation as following:
  • Destruction of AL-Salam Mall.
  • Destruction of AL-Almi Exhibition for cars.
  • Destruction of AL-Sa’aran and Ababidah lathes.
  • Targeting a bus which carried displaced family.
  • Destruction of a car in the public road which led to kill 2 civilians.
  • Destruction of a farm of the civilians Rashed Sa’eed.
  1. Destruction of fuel stations in Saada as following:
  • The station of the civilian/ Ibn Sabta and the houses around it.
  • The station of the civilian/Hussein AL-Thabiani in AL-Thabian area.
  • The station of the citizen/ Hussein Malfi in the junction of AL-Talh.
  1. Destruction of technical institute and executive council in AL-Udien (Saada province).
  2. Destruction of a Plastic factory.

-In Sana’a Province:

  1. Targeting civilians’ houses in Bani Matar district, damaged 7 houses, injured one civilian, and bombing Abu Nashtan mosque in Arhab district.
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