The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 15 – 5 – 2015

The armistice of Saudi-led coalition on Friday , 15th of May 2015

  • Saada Province:
  1. The warplanes flew over Razah ,Manbah and Gamar districts at midnight until afternoon.
  2. Bombed by three shells of machine gun type 23 from Tawaliq toward Shada Junction at 11:25 A.M.
  3. Bombed by army artillery from a Saudi Al-Radif location toward Al-Barm borders location.
  4. Bombed by medium weapons from Saudi location targeted AL-Hamra Hurdle, AL-Menzala area.
  5. Bombed by medium weapons from one of Saudi location toward Al-Malaheedh area.
  6. Bombed six missiles on Al-Husamah borders.
  7. Saudi military forces from Al-Dawd and Al-Ambasi Mountains bombed by machine gun on the borders of Al-Hsamah and Al-Menzalha.
  8. Espionage warplanes flew over Baqim , Wadi al Jabarah ,Al-Boq’a and Tehamah , in addition, they bomed Baqem district by missiles.
  • Hajja Province:
  1. The bombing of Saudi military by eight missiles on Al-Mazraq borders.
  2. They bombed by 15 missiles and eight shells of machine gun on the borders of Saada and Hajja governorates.
  • Aden Province:
  1. The movement of Saudi battleship in Bait Al-Sbaihi sea coast and then moved from Bab Al-Mandab to Aden and vice versa.
  2. The warplanes flew over the province from 12:00 A.M till 1:48 A.M.
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