The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 29-5-2015

((Killed more the (106) civilians including women and children, and injured (172) others including women and children))

Violation date: 29/5/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Place of Violation: Sana’a, Amran, Saada, Hajja, Dhale’a, Marib and Aden.

-Violators: Saudi – led coalition “War on Yemen”

Type of violation: The warplanes, artillery and rockets bombed on civilian residential neighborhoods also the destruction of houses and facilities and public services as well as they targeted the infrastructure, civilian industrial installations, power stations, roads, markets and communication networks, and the targeting of civilians’ cars on the roads and killing innocent civilians.

  • Casualties and damages:

1- Sana’a:

1- One airstrike targeted the Scientific Center in (Dar al-Sharif) area in (Khawlan Taial) district, and killed 120 civilians and 95 others were injured.

2- One airstrike targeted the (health center) and the house of a civilian (Yahya Saleh Rafeeg) in (Gdharan) area, (Bani Hashish) district that killed (11) civilians including two children and a woman, also injured 19 others.

3- Two airstrikes targeted the Vocational Institute in Al-Haima district.

4- Seven airstrikes targeted the Vocational Institute in (Jahana) area, (Khawlan Taial) district, they completely destroyed four buildings as well as four educational workshops have been damaged and three buildings partially destroyed.


1- Three airstrikes targeted a residential neighborhood in Hajja and killed 24 civilians including 4 women and 6 children also injured more than 100 others and destroyed AL-Mansura Fortify partially with 6 houses and damaged 26 others.

2- Three airstrikes targeted (Kohlan Afar) district, and 3 others targeted (Washha) district and destroyed AL-Na’man Archaeological Fortify partially.

Amran: –

1- Many airstrikes targeted (Historical Castle (Thila) – Al-Klaaih Mountain in Khaiwan area and Madaa Al Ashmoor village)

Marib: –

1- Six airstrikes targeted many areas that next to Historical Marib Dam, and 4 others targeted (Al-Ashraf) area.

Aden: –

1- Many airstrikes targeted water desalination tanks in (Alhadeid Mountain), which led to destroy completely, also 3 others targeted (El-Arish) area.


1- One airstrikes targeted the bridge that links between (Damt) and (Al-Radmah), also another one targeted the bridge that links between (Damt) and (Joban) , the two airstrikes led to kill 5 civilians.


1- Two airstrikes targeted (Al-Zahra) school for the girls in (Al-Nadheer) area, one airstrike targeted a residential building, one airstrike targeted the truck, car and motorcycle ,also two airstrikes targeted the court in (Razih).

2 They targeted (Al-Ndhir – Al-Maariba and Al-Galaa) areas in Razih.

3- Three airstrikes targeted Maran area, 7 missiles from the borders areas targeted Maran Mountain.

4- 100 missiles targeted the borders areas.

5- (5) airstrikes targeted the Technical Institute and communication network in (Amlah) and (AlSaifi) areas.

6- One airstrike targeted (Al Humaidan) area in (Sihar) district.

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