The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 28-5-2015

((Killed more the (3) civilians including children, and injured (8) others))

Violation date: 28/5/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Place of Violation: Sana’a, Aden, Saada, Hajja.

-Violators: Saudi Arabia and its coalition “War on Yemen”

Type of violation: The warplanes, artillery and rockets bombed on civilian residential neighborhoods, schools and mosques also the destruction of services and medical facilities as well as they targeted the infrastructure and civilian industry installations, and fuel tankers, power plants, roads and markets, and the targeting of civilians’ cars on the roads and the killing of innocent civilians.

: Casualties and damages


1- Three airstrikes targeted civilians’ houses including the house of the civilian (Abdullah Yahya Al-Saadi) and destroyed it, and destroyed (Al-Zahra) School for the girls in Dhahyan district.

2- Several airstrikes targeted the governmental compound, the central market and a number of houses, shops and 4 farms that led to burn and destroy them completely.

3- (20) airstrikes targeted civilians’ houses, mosque and Health Unit and destroyed them all in (Al-Mlaheed) area, (Al-Dhahir) district.

4- Four airstrikes targeted (Al-Saaf) area, (Al-Sagain) district, and 15 others targeted (Al-Hosama), (Al-Minzalah) and (Al-Shida) araes.

5- One child was injured by cluster bomb, which was dropped on (Al-Neshoor) area.


1- Several airstrikes targeted (Al-Majbar) area, (Harad) district, one of the airstrikes targeted fuel truck in (AL-Majbar) and killed the driver and another civilian, and 6 airstrikes targeted electricity station in the area.

  • Aden:
  • 1- Several airstrikes targeted (Khormaksir) and (Kriter) areas, 2 others targeted the chief ship of Aden University, and 4 others targeted (Al-Alam) factory for plastic bag.


1- One airstrikes targeted (Attan) Mountain, and another one targeted the house of civilian/ (Mojahid Haidar) and destroyed it in (50) street, in (Bani Hewat).

2- The number of the victim by the warplanes of Saudi Arabia on central security headquarters raised to 54 killed civilians and 325 others injured.

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