The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 25-5-2015

((killed 7 civilians and injured 17 others))

Violation date: 25/5/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Place of Violation: Taiz province (Alhoban) district, Lahjj, Saada and Hajja provinces.

-Violators: Saudi – led coalition “War on Yemen”

Type of violation: Military warplanes bombed the means of heavy and light transport, and the targeting and destruction of facilities, and private commercial stores.

Casualties and damages:

Hajja – Omaira bay:

1- The destruction of four trucks loaded with food, and caused many killed and injured civilians.

: Ibb

2- The destruction of the building of financial office and security administration in Alradma district:


3- Destroying ten houses, damaged many houses and killed 3 civilians including two children and 1 woman, and caused many injury in Alarkoob Khawlan Taial area.


4- Destroyed Republican Palace and the Palace of Almashiq and damaged neighboring houses.


5- Destroyed a commercial and governmental buildings and killed (4) civilians and injured 11 others in Haradh.


6- Destroyed a metal water store and caused the injury of many civilians in Hawban .


7- Destroyed and burnt a small truck and burnt another car in Almenzalh.

8- Destroyed a Ibn Sina School and caused significant damages in the house of the civilian/ Al-Hamdani and caused the injury of (6) civilians.

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