The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 24-5-2015

((Killed 9 civilians and injured 20 others ))

Violation date: 24/5/2015

Time: over 24 hours

Place of Violation: Sana’a, Saada, AL-Hodeida, Dhale’a, Rayma, Aden and Hajja.

-Violators: Saudi – led coalition “War on Yemen”

– Type of violation: The bombing of military aviation and missile and artillery on residential neighborhood areas and the destruction of civilian homes on the heads of their inhabitants and killed them also they targeted historic castles, airports, crossing border, security facilities , civilian facilities and petrol stations.

Casualties and damages:

Saada: –

1- Several airstrikes targeted Saada city and destroyed (Al-Saadi) Fuel Station ,(Al-Thawra) Restaurant and (Al-Ezzi) commercial shops for building equipments.

2- Missile bombardment targeted (Bani Maeen, Al-Ghour and Maran) areas, in Razih, Ghamar and Haidan districts.

3- Six airstrikes targeted civilians’ houses and destroyed 2 houses, damaged 14 others and killed 4 civilians and injured 13 others in Dhahyan city.

Hajja: –

1- Several airstrikes with intensive artillery shelling targeted Haradh Customs and (AlMazriq, AlMojbar, Jabl Alnar, alModahsha, Ahim Junction) areas.

AL-Hodeida: –

1- Saudi Arabia warplanes targeted the Historical Castle (Jabal AL-Shareef) that led to destroy it in Bajel disrtict.


1- Killed 7 civilians during the bombing of Saudi warplanes on Administration Security in (Al-Jafaria) area, and caused huge damages in the neighboring mosque and in 12 houses.

The Capital Sana’a:

1-Seven airstrikes targeted the public road in (Fajj Attan) area.

– Aden:

1- Several airstrikes targeted Aden International Airport and Dar Sa’ad area and destroyed the civilians’ houses and civilian facilities.

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