The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 21 – 5 – 2015

((76 civilians were killed including 5 children, 6 women and 5 Ethiopian and 73 others were injured. The destruction of civilians’ houses, governmental buildings, and livestock, more than 150 airstrikes and 300 missiles targeted civilians and civilian facilities))

Violation date: 21/5/2015

Time: over 24 hours

Place of Violation: 8 provinces (Saada, Taiz, Hajja, Al-Jawf, Sana’a, Dhamar, AL-Hodeida and Aden).

-Violators: Saudi – led coalition “War On Yemen”

Type of violation: Missile bombardment by warplanes.

Casualties and damages:


1- Killed a child (7) years old and injured (6) civilians caused by the bombing of Saudi Arabia and its alliance warplanes on residential neighborhood in Saada.

2- Killed a woman and injured 3 civilians in (AlTalh) Junction in Sahar district caused by the missile bombing.

3- Killed 2 civilians with their livestock caused by the bombing on Razih district.

4- The warplanes of Saudi Arabia and its alliance bombed:

((The building of Almasirah Channel for three times, Al-Zahra School in Dhahian and Almarwi Village with more than 10 missiles. In addition, they bombed (Al-Hosamah, Koshar and Al-Mlaheed) areas with 65 missiles, Maran area by 12 missiles, and (Al-

Hejla) area that led to destroy the house of (Mohammad Hussain Zihra) without causing any victims.

2 -Taiz:

They bombed a park in Saber Mountain and bombed again the historical castle (Al-Qahira).

Hajja: 3

1- The bombing of the refugee headquarters of UNICEF in Meedi area and killed (15) civilians including 5 Ethiopians and injured 12 others, they also bombed a car on kohlan Afar road Afar, killed 6 civilians, including one woman was inside it.

4 – Al-Jawf – Baradh:

1- Killed 25 civilians and injured 30 others.

Sana’a: 5

1- They returned to bomb with 3 airstrikes on Fajj Attan.

6- Dhamar:

They bombed a civilian’s house and killed 20 civilians, including 3 women and 5 children and injured (20) others, during the bombing of Dhamar Archeological Museum and earthquakes Monitoring centers, water pump, hotel, 5 civilians houses, university rest, and destroyed them and damaged 7 other houses, AL-Ozairi Mosque, the buildings of the university, Vocational Institute, Oil Company, and other civilian facilities.

7- AL-Hodeida:

1- The bombing of the governmental compound in Beit al-Faqih area, which led to the partially destroy.

8- Aden:

1They bombed Alka Public Market in Dar Saad area.

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