The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 20-5-2015

((Killed 16 civilians and injured 18 others))

Violation date: 20/5/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Violation place:Saada, Ibb, Hajjah

violator: Saudi-led coalition- (war on Yemen)

Type of Violation: Warplanes bombed and destroyed the civilians’ houses, schools, Water tanks and Wells.

Casualties and damages

  • Saada Province:
  1. They bombed a civilian’s house in Dahyan area.
  2. Seven airstrikes targeted Al-Hesamah area , and two others targeted a school.
  3. More than 36 missiles targeted Barm, Al-Menzalh, Shaqdam, Bani Saiah in Razeh district ,also Al-Nar and Al-Ahmar Mountains.
  • Hajja Province:
  1. They also bombed artesian well in Al-Majber area, Harad district.
  2. Two airstrikes targeted a water tank in Abs district.

Several airstrikes targeted Ta’sher border area.

  • Ibb Province
  1. (22) airstrikes targeted Ibb Province and killed 16 civilians and wounded 18 others.
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