The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 10-6-2015

((Killed 14 civilians and injured more than 28 others and the destruction of residential houses and governmental facility. More than 120 airstrikes targeted civilian and governmental institutions))

Violation date: 10/6/2015 –

– Time: over 24 hours

– Place of Violation: Sana’a, Aden, Jawf, Saada, Amran and Hajja.

– Violator: Saudi – Led Coalition “War on Yemen”

– Type of violation: Military warplanes bombed civilian neighborhoods and destroyed civilians’ houses and killed innocent civilians, public service facilities, hospitals and shops also they targeted the infrastructure and other civilian facilities.

Casualties and damages:

– Saada:

1- Four civilians were killed during the bombing of Saudi Arabia warplanes and its alliance on fuel station and 10 cars in the public road in Bani Rabia and Al-Azd areas in Razih district.

2- Ten airstrikes targeted civilians’ houses and destroyed 10 houses and damaged 15 others in Walad Aiash and Al-Raiash areas.

3- Two airstrikes targeted civilians’ houses in Al-Tanin.

4- One airstrike targeted Al-Mnzalah area.

5- Four missiles targeted civilians’ houses in Al-Shaf area in Sagain district.

6- Missile and artillery bombardment targeted the border areas: Al-Mazriq, Al-Nar Mountain, Al-Mlaheed, Al-Moghialah, Taashor, Shegdm, Barm, Al-Monzalah areas and Al-Ahmer Mountain.

7- Eight airstrikes targeted Sagain district.

– Jawf:

1- Six airstrikes targeted Al-khanjar area.

– Hajja:

1- Many airstrikes targeted civilians’ houses and destroyed 1 house and destroyed 10 others in Al-Ghazrah village that led to kill 2 civilians and injure 3 others.

– Amran:

1- Three civilians including a child were killed and 10 others were injured during the bombing of Saudi Arabia warplanes and its alliance on Athir Market (Al-Awja Market)

2- They destroyed two clinics belong to Mustafa Abdullah Alathab, burnt 4 cars belong to one civilian, and damaged shops next to the clinic and destroyed Ebraheem Haidara Clinic due to the bombing of Saudi warplanes and its alliance on the Othr market in Gafla Othr district.

– Aden:

1- 12 civilians were killed and 15 others were injured during the bombing of Saudi Arabia warplanes and its alliance on electricity station in Khormaksar one of the victims is a technical man and the another one is a guard of the station, which led to disable the service of the station.

2- Two airstrikes targeted Aden International Airport.

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