The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 30-7-2015

((The destruction of residential houses and civilian facilities))

Violation date: Thursday 30/7/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Place of Violation: Saada, Hajja, Marib, Lahjj and Abyan.

Violator: Saudi – Led Coalition “War on Yemen”

Type of violation: The military warplanes bombed civilians’ houses, destroyed them on the heads of their inhabitants, and killed them; they destroyed civilian and tourism facilities.

Casualties and damages:


1- Several airstrikes targeted Razeh district.

2- Four airstrikes targeted Al-Menzalah area.

3- More than 20 missiles targeted Al-Hasamah and Al-Malaheet areas.

4- Massive missiles and artillery bombardment bombed Al-Hasamah, Bani Sayah, Al-Malaheet and Al-Manzalah areas and destroyed 25 houses, damaged 30 others, destroyed 20 shops and damaged 25 others.

– Hajja:

1- Three airstrikes targted Haradh valley.

2- Four airstrikes targeted Shiba castle and destroyed it in Haradh city.

3- Six airstrikes targeted Al-Mahajam area, Bakeel Al-Mair district.

4- They targeted two buildings belong to Hamoud Ali Sha’afool and AL-Razehi in Haradh district.

5- They targeted Haradh Public Market and a vegetable Market belongs to the civilian/ Ahmed Yahya.

6- They targeted AL-Fakhama Hotel and destroyed it in the old city.

7- They targeted Ahem Junction and damaged 4 hangers belong to The World Food in Haradh Junction.


1- Ten airstrikes targeted Al-Ashraf area and the old dam.

2- Three airstrikes targeted The Airport and Al-Zoor areas.


1- Several airstrikes targeted Al-Anad area.


1- One airstrike targeted Lawder district.

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