The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 29-7-2015

((The destruction of residential houses and civilian facilities))

Violation date: Wednesday 29/7/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Place of Violation: Hajja, Al-Dhale’a, Marib, Lahjj, Abyan and Saada.

Violator: Saudi – Led Coalition “War on Yemen”-

Type of violation: The military warplanes bombed civilians’ houses, transportation of civilians, they also destroyed civilian and service facilities.

Casualties and damages:

– Hajja:

1- Three airstrikes targeted Ahem junction in Haradh district.

2- Seven airstrikes targeted a residential neighborhood and destroyed 12 houses and damaged 15 others at the public road in Haradh City.

3- They targeted Ahem junction and destroyed a gas station, Haradh public market, and flour shops.

– Al-Dhale’a:

1-Three airstrikes targeted several areas and destroyed governmental compound in Qataba city.

– Saada:

1- Injured 6 civilians during the bombing of Saudi Arabia warplans and its alliance by 2 airstrikes on 2 transportation cars in Haydan district.

2- Four airstrikes targeted 2 cars in Jawan area, Haydan district.

3- Three airstrikes targeted Al-Hasamah area.

4- Missile and artillery bombardment bombed Bani Syah area, Razeh district.

5- Two airstrikes targeted Haydan district.

– Abyan:

1- Five airstrikes targeted Al-Ain area, lawder district.

– Marib:

1- Several airstrikes targeted the old dam and Hailan Mountain.

2- Three airstrikes targeted Kofal area and Hailan Mountain.

– Lahjj:

1- Six airstrikes targeted Al-Husseini and Al-Anad areas.

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