The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 8-6-2015

((Killed 18 civilians and injured more than 23 and civilian houses also governmental building were destroyed, targeting civilians and governmental facilities))

Violation date: 8/6/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Place of Violation: The Capital of Sana’a, Saada, Hajja, Marib, and Al-Jawf.

Violator: Saudi – led Coalition “war in Yemen”-

Type of violation: Military warplanes and artillery and missiles shell bombardment with on civilian neighborhoods and the destruction of houses and public service facilities also targeting civilian infrastructure and facilities, killing innocent civilians.

Casualties and damages:

The Capital of Sana’a:

1- Three civilians were killed and 15 others were injured during the bombing of Saudi Arabia and its alliance on the house of Abdulmalek Al-Sayani and the office of Ahmed Ali and damaged 4 cars, 20 houses ,and a mosque.

2- The warplanes of Saudi Arabia and its alliance targeted the Square of the telecom, Al-Gabeel Village and destroyed AL-Dhafeef House.

3- One airstrike targeted Attan Mountain.

4- The warplanes targeted the house of the Major General Abdulmalik Al-Sayani in Sayan Village and destroyed it.

5- The warplanes targeted Al-Sabaeen area and damaged the part of Al-Sabaeen hospital, and caused the injury of the doctors and patients, recording of deaths among children in the nursery at the hospital and a mosque damaged next to the hospital.


1- Six civilians from one family were Killed during the bombing of Saudi Arabia and its alliance on civilians’ houses in Sabr Valley, Sahar district.

2- Six civilians from one family (Father, Mother and 2 children) were killed and 4 others were injured during the bombing of Saudi Arabia warplanes and its alliance on civilians’ houses in Al Mazrooa, Sahar district.

3- Two civilians were killed during the bombing of Saudi Arabia and its alliance on civilian houses by 3 airstrikes, Ghamar district.

4- Three airstrikes targeted Al Ammar area.

5-(15) missiles bombed Al-Boq area .

6- Several airstrikes targeted Al-Malaheet area.

7- Saudi artillery bombardment targeted the border areas.

8- They bombed Al-Khazaeen area, Sahar district.

9- Four airstrikes targeted Al-Thaia village, Shada district.

10- Six airstrikes targeted civilians’ houses and fuel station in Ayen area.

11- Ten airstrikes targeted Bani Baher area, Sagain district.

12- They targeted Rahban area and damaged houses and killed 1 civilian was and 4 others were injured they still under the rubber and the rescuers could not help the victims because the continuous bombing.


1- Saudi artillery bombardment targeted Fajj Atan.

2- Two missiles targeted Fajj attan and destroyed AL-Thuraya Hotel in Haradh.


1- Five airstrikes targeted Al-Ashraf area / Marib, and destroyed the house of the civilian (Salem Bin Jaeer Al-Sharif).


1- Several airstrikes targeted The Governmental Compound and destroyed it in Al-Tatamah district.

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