The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 2-6-2015

((killed more than 19 civilians including children and women and injured 40 others including children and women))

Violation date: 2/6/2015

Time: over 24 hours

Place of Violation: Sana’a, Saada, Taiz, Amran, Aden, Hajja and Dhale’a.

Violator: Saudi – led Coalition “war on Yemen”-

Type of violation: The warplanes bombed civilians’ houses and destroyed them on the heads of their inhabitants and killed them. Moreover; they destroyed service and civilian facilities, markets, shops, buildings and educational institutions, they also targeted the parks and damaged sports facilities.

Casualties and damages:


1- The warplanes bombed AL-Anad Market and a civilian house in Neshoor and killed 3 women and caused the injury of a child.

2- One airstrike targeted a road and The General Work Office and caused the injury of 5 civilians.

3- Many airstrikes targeted Jomaida residential neighborhood and damaged 20 houses and killed 6 civilians and caused the injury of 16 others including 3 women.

4- Many airstrikes targeted civilians’ houses and destroyed 3 houses and damaged 15 others in Baqem district in the border.

5- Two airstrikes targeted Noshoor in AL-Safra district.

6- Many airstrikes targeted The Education Office and Warehouse Textbook in the city and The Commercial Technical Institute, and the surrounding of The Education Collage area in the city.

7- Saudi Missile bombardment targeted Bani Saiah area, Razih District.

8- Missile and artillery bombardment on AL-Brm, Tashir and AL-Madafin areas in the border.


1- Many airstrikes targeted the surrounding of Jara Mountain and killed 2 civilians and caused the injury of 15 others and destroyed 5 houses and damaged 25 others.

2-Many airstrikes targeted residential neighborhoods.

3- Two airstrikes targeted AL-Salih Park in AL-Dabab.

4- Two airstrikes targeted the house of Al-Sheikh (Hameed Ali Abdoh) in Osaifrah.

5- Two airstrikes targeted (40) Street.

6-Many airstrikes targeted (Aman) Mountain.


1- Two airstrikes targeted (Thlaa Hamdan), one of which targeted (AL-Mahjar) area and targeted the building of Communication Foundation – Wadi Thahr branch – and burnt it, the another one was bombed nearby a governmental compound.

2- One airstrike targeted The General Leadership Building where is in (Al-Qiada) street, Moral Guidance and a Hotel near to it that led to kill 2 civilians and cause the injury of 16 others and damage 10 houses.

3- Many airstrikes targeted 3 houses, one of which the house of the civilian (Ali M. AL-Ghaili) and (Hasan Al-Otmi) in Works neighborhood in (Arat Hamdan) area in North Sana’a, destroyed two other houses ,and killed 10 civilians including 5 children and 3 women and caused the injury of 7 others including 1 child and 5 women, and damaged 5 houses.


1_ Four airstrikes targeted the Stadium in Gataba.


1- One airstrike targeted Aden International Airport.

2- Many airstrikes targeted AL-Areesh area.


1- Five airstrikes targeted civilians houses and destroyed 3 houses and damaged 17 others in Haradh district.

2- Saudi missile and artillery bombardment targeted (Fajj Attan) area.

3- Two airstrikes targeted AL-Sa’ab area, Haradh district.

4-Artillery bombardment targeted the border areas.

5-One airstrikes targeted AL-Naar Mountain.


1-Two airstrikes targeted (Thu Zaghba) area, Al-Gafla district.


1- Two airstrikes targeted the house of the Al-Sheikh /AL-Shahri and the building of Rescue Police and destroyed it with AL-Nour School for girls.

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