The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 1-6-2015

((Killed 24 civilians, and injured more than 36 others. They destroyed civilians’ houses and governmental buildings. More than 150 airstrikes targeted civilian and governmental facilities))

Violation date: 1/6/2015-

Time: over 24 hours

Place of Violation: Sana’a, Amran, Dhale’a, AL- Hodeida, AL- Jawf, Ibb, Saada, Taiz and Hajja.

Violator: Saudi – led Coalition “war on Yemen”

Type of violation: The warplanes launched more than 150 artillery and missiles raids on residential neighborhoods and the destroyed houses, public and service institutions. They also targeted infrastructure, civilian facilities and communication devices and killed innocent civilians.

Casualties and damages:


1- Four airstrikes targeted AL-Nahdain Mountain.

2- Four airstrikes targeted Nuqum Mountain.

3- Many airstrikes targeted Radio Transmission Devices at Thafar Mountain and killed 3 civilians and injured 7 others.

4- Two airstrikes targeted Mosaik area and killed 7 civilians and injured 10 others. In addition to, the bombing destroyed AL-Jazira School in Mosaik area where many displaced civilians were.

5- Three civilians were injured in Bani Matar.


1- Many airstrikes targeted AL-Sawad area in AL-Esha district and AL-Ghail Valley in Khamir district.


1- Six airstrikes targeted Qataba Security Administration, Sport Club and Governmental Compound and destroyed them all.


1- Three airstrikes targeted AL-Hodeida International Airport.


1- Many airstrikes targeted AL-Yatama area.


1- Four airstrikes targeted the center market that led to burn it and kill 3 civilians and injure 5 others and damage 10 shops and 20 houses.

2- Two airstrikes targeted AL-Ard Village in Bani Saiah area, Razeh district.

3- Two airstrikes targeted Kasarah AL-Masar area in AL-Mlaheed in AL-Thahr district.

4- Two airstrikes targeted civilians houses and damaged 30 in Saber area, Bani Moaad.

5- Four airstrikes targeted Dhahyan area and killed 3 civilians and injured 10 others.

6-Artillary and missile bombardment targeted AL-Malahedh, AL-Hassama, AL-Safeia and Ta’shar areas.

7- Four airstrikes targeted Hejra folla area and killed many of livestock (Caws and sheep) and destroyed 5 civilians’ houses and damaged 20 others.

8- Maran and Haidan areas were bombed and destroyed the house of the civilian (Saleh Hajji) and his car, which is a source of supporting his family.

9- Two airstrikes targeted Police Station in Noshoor area, AL-Safra district.

10-Four airstrikes targeted Ta’ashor and Al-Mnzalah areas.

11- The warplanes fired more than 60 missiles on Al-Mlaheed, Al-Saffia and Al-Hsama areas.

12- Saudi missile bombardment targeted AL-Baram, Tashor and AL-Mdafn in the border.


1- Two airstrikes targeted AL-Haseb area, around the palace neighborhood , several airstrikes targeted the areas next to AL-Thawra Hospital and destroyed the house of the civilian/Hameed Sarhan and two airstrikes targeted AL-Ghail Valley were also bombed.

2- They bombed Osaifra neighborhood that led to destroy 6 civilians’ houses and damaged 40 others and AL-Noor Hospital for Psychiatric and neurological diseases and killed 4 civilians and injured 15 others.


1- The warplanes bombed a civilian’s house and damaged 12 others in AL-Nadrah district and kill 4 civilians and injured 20 others. In addition, they destroyed AL-Nadrah Station for Oil Derivatives.


1- Four airstrikes targeted (Abo AL-Nar) Mountain.

2- Two buildings belong to Ahmed Ali Hamraj and another one belongs to Abdu Abdullah AL-Wessabi were destroyed in AL-Mazreq area, Haradh district.


  • Two airstrikes targeted AL-Owaidi Mosque in AL-Asha area.
  • Two airstrikes targeted a governmental facility in Hunaish Mountain.
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