The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 18-6-2015

((Killed 12 civilians and injured 6 others- the destruction of residential houses and governmental buildings also more than 112 raids targeted civilian and governmental institutions))

Violation date: 18/6/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Place of Violation: Saada, Al-Jawf, Hajja, Aden and the Capital of Sanaa.

Violator: Saudi – Led Coalition “War on Yemen”-

Type of violation: The military warplanes bombed civilians’ residential neighborhoods and destroyed the civilians’ houses and killed them also the destruction of public service institutions and targeted the infrastructure.

Casualties and damages:


1- Killed 9 civilians from the Family of the civilian (Salim Y. Gader) during the bombing of Saudi Arabia warplanes and its alliance on his house in Bani Maeen area in Razih district.

2- Many airstrikes targeted several areas in Magaz district.

3- They destroyed the house of the civilian (Abdullah Farhan Al-Mtairi) in Saada city.

4- They also destroyed many civilians’ houses including the house of (Ahmed Mohsen) and (Ali Amr) and others and 4 farms in Raghfa area in Saada district.

5- Many airstrikes targeted Razih district.

The Capital of Sana’a:

1- Five airstrikes targeted Attan Mountain and killed 3 civilians and injured 6 others.


1- Several airstrikes targeted Al-Hazm district.


1- Many cluster bombs were dropped on Al-Mazriq area.

2- Three airstrikes targeted Meedi area.

3- Six airstrikes targeted Al-Khathir and Al-Mdahsha areas.

4- Missile and artillery bombardment targeted Al-Mdahsh area, Haradh Customs, Maeen, Abo Al-Nar Mountain and Al-Hadoor areas in the border and destroyed 2 buildings belong to Hamoud Ali Ja’boul and AL-Razehi.


1- Three airstrikes targeted Ber Ahmed area.

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