The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 17 – 7 – 2015

((The destruction of residential houses and civilian facilities))

Violation date: Friday 17/7/2015

Time: Over 24 hours

Place of Violation: The Capital of Sana’a, Aden, Saada, Hajja, Ibb, Abyan, and Marib.

Violator: Saudi – led Coalition “War on Yemen”-

Type of violation: The military warplanes bombed civilians’ houses and destroyed them, the destruction of graveyards, shrines, civilian and service facilities.

Casualties and damages:


1-Several airstrikes targeted several areas in Aden city.

2- Three airstrikes targeted Al-Mosabi and AL-Kara’ U-Turn in Dar Sa’ad.

The Capital of Sana’a:

1- One airstrike targeted Al-Dailami Air Base and The Aviation College.

2- They targeted Fajj Attan and 21 Sep. Park.


1- Two airstrikes targeted a residential neighborhood in Bait AL-Seraji Village and Martyrs graveyard in Al-Rathamah.


1- One airstrike targeted The Agriculture Office and Dhaghsan shops in Bani Moa’th area.

2- Several airstrikes targeted civilians’ houses and caused casualties in Al-Shaaf area, Sagain district.

3- Several airstrikes targeted the house of the civilian Ali Edha in AL-Maqash and destroyed 3 houses in AL-Menzala.

4- They targeted the martyr graves in Maran area, Haidan district.


1- One airstrike targeted Ahim junction, Harad district.

2- Several airstrikes targeted Bakeel Al-Meer district.


1- They targeted Abyan Coastline.


1- They targeted AL-Hamra Hurdle and AL-Jufaina Dam.

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