The violations that are committed by Saudi-Led coalition against civilians in Yemen 9/9/2016


(11 airstrikes)

  • Two airstrikes targeted the public road in Sabera area, Belad AL-Roos district.
  • One airstrike targeted cattle at the public road in Belad AL-Roos district.
  • Four airstrikes targeted AL-Wathan area, Belad AL-Roos district.
  • Three airstrikes targeted the communications network at Bait Dhaba’n Mountain, Belad AL-Roos district.

The Capital of Sana’a:

(8 airstrikes)

  • One airstrike targeted Attan area, AL-Sabe’en district.
  • Seven airstrikes targeted AL-Nahdain area, AL-Sabe’en district.


(13 airstrikes)

  • Two airstrikes targeted AL-Habl Valley, Baqem district.
  • Five airstrikes targeted Mandaba area, Baqem district.
  • One airstrike targeted AL-Kherban area in Maran, Haidan district.
  • One airstrike targeted Maran area, Haidan district.
  • Two airstrikes targeted AL-Habra area, Razeh district.
  • One airstrike targeted AL-Masahef area, Baqem district.
  • One airstrike targeted AL Salem area, Ketaf district.
  • Artillery and missile bombardment targeted AL Maqna’ area, Munabeh district.


(24 airstrikes)

  • Eight airstrikes targeted Haradh district.
  • Nine airstrikes targeted Meedi district.
  • Seven airstrikes targeted AL-Jar area, Abss district.


(5 airstrikes)

  • Two airstrikes targeted AL-Mutoon district.
  • Three airstrikes targeted AL-Masloub district.


( 2 airstrikes)

  • Two airstrikes targeted Harf Sufyan district.


( 64 airstrikes)

  • (50) airstrikes targeted AL-Rabe’I and Hailan areas, Surwah district.
  • Ten civilians were killed and 25 others were injured during the bombing of Saudi Arabia warplanes and its alliance by 2 airstrikes on mercenaries gathering at the South of Surwah district.
  • Five airstrikes targeted civilians’ houses and destroyed 7 house and damaged 22 others at AL-Matar Neighborhood in Surwah district.

Seven airstrikes targeted Surwah Public Market and destroyed 17 shops, damaged 17 others, destroyed 2 fuel stations and 3 food stores in Surwah district

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